All uniform requirements (with the exception of the tops used for Hip Hop), can be purchased through….


PW Dance & Sportswear

351 Colombo Street



Our uniform is registered on their database, so you only need to indicate which grade you are looking for and they can professionally fit your dancer.  Please note, if your child is moving up a Grade and into a new uniform, there is no need to rush out and purchase the new uniform straight away, it is fine to wait until they have outgrown their current one or if they are sitting end of year exams they will need to be in the correct uniform for their Grade before sitting their exam.  This is also the case if there has been a uniform change, please wait until your child has outgrown their current uniform before changing.  But please note - ALL students must be in current, correct uniform for any exams.


If you have any second hand uniform that you are looking to sell, we now have a Facebook page called “Selwyn School of Dance Preloved Dancewear”, where you are most welcome to post any uniform items you have for sale.


A dress code ensures that a teacher will be able to see a dancer’s alignment and positioning.  The teacher needs to be able to see a dancer's mistakes.  Baggy clothing can mask bad habits, making corrections impossible.  A dress code will also teach students discipline, helping with overall focus and energy.  By "dressing the part," dancers feel like dancers.